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Seeding Tips

Before the process of seeding beings, the soil needs to be prepared in such a way to promote germination. The soil should be smooth and provide good seed to soil contact. Deciding which seed to lay depends on the climate of where you live. Here in the midwest, we typically use a cool season grass which is best to spread in the fall. The easiest way to spread seed is by using a rotary spreader applying half the seeds in one direction and the second half perpendicular to the first spread. Once the seed has been spread start the watering process following the establishment rules.

Another method to seeding is sodding, this is a much quicker and more expensive method to seeding a lawn. A newly sodded lawn should be fertilized and watered to help promote healthy growth of the new lawn.

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Lawn Care Benefits

There are many benefits to hiring a professional lawn care service.

  • Time Saving
  • Professional Quality
  • No Fixing & Replacing Equipment
  • Improved Curb Appeal

Snow Removal Benefits

As with lawn care there are many benefits to hiring a professional snow removal service.

  • Time Saving
  • Keep Tenants Safe & Satisfied
  • Avoid the Cold & Strained Backs
  • Keep Your Drive Or Lot Accessible